Welcome to Restaurant “O Febras”

where the seas and lands Portugueses (re)united

Fresh Fish

Restaurant with fresh fish from the coast certified by Docapesca (exclusive one in the region), own butcher (+ an exclusive) with national and international certified farmed meats and seafood! Cuisine that relies on the use of local, regional and / or national products cooked simple but careful way, with a little touch of modernity, vast and exceptional Portuguese gastronomy!!!


Specialities Fish Soup, Cream of Seafood, Octopus Salad, Prawn, Clams, Fisherman Stew, SeaFood/ ShellFish Rice Stew, Variety of Grilled Fish of the day, CodFish Pasta Stew, “Alentejana” Fried Pork Meat with Clams, Large Beef Steak from a Portuguese Especial Race, “Febras” Beef Steak Fried, “Portuguese” Mixed of Boiled Meats with Vegetable, Sausages, Cheeses and much more.....